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Saxx Custom Cutting


Phone (303) 659-2985
Address 16781 Holly St,
Thornton, Colorado, 80602 United States


Saxx Custom Cutting is a well known provider of meat in Thornton. Visit us soon at our business or call us soon at (303) 659-2985.

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  • Saxx Custom Cutting

    SAXX Theft

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    “ \nI purchase ½ of a beef at $2.60 a pound hanging weight or carcass weight. \nThe carcass ½ that I purchased was 351.5 lbs at a cost of $913.90 which I paid the rancher who raised it. He told me he has: \n \nSaxx Custom Cutting \nSacks Custom Meat Cutting \n16781 Holly St \nThornton Co 80602 \n303-659-2985 \n \nDo his meat processing and highly recommends them. I got online and read reviews on them and found most reviews to say they do not give customers all their product they are buying. \n \nI paid Saxx $.70 a lb. for 351.5 lbs. processing and $35.00 for butchering. A Total of $280.70. \nNow I have a total of $1193.90 in this beef. \n \nI is common knowledge that a modern Angus Beef will yield around 60% of carcass weight for an average of edible meat. 351.5x.60=211.4 lbs \n \nI should have gotten 211 lbs of finished product. I received 173 lbs. of finished product give or take. This is a yield of 49.3%, which would make more than ½ of the carcass going in the trash. I feel I was shorted 38.4 lbs. of meat at a minimum. \n \nOn my invoice it called for 150 lbs. of ground beef, I received 109 lbs. A difference of 41 lbs. I asked Saxx where the rest of my ground beef was and the said the person cutting the meat must have missed counted. If you add the missing 41 lbs into the total count the yield is at 60.9%, This would be correct in my opinion. \n \nMy wife and I use a lot of burger so I had them grind the Round Steaks, Sirloin Steaks, Brisket, Short Ribs, Flank Steak, all but (2) 2 to 3 lb. Chuck Roasts, all into burger. \n \nThe T bone and Rib Steaks are bone in which makes for a higher yield. \n \n173+41=214 total finished product = $5.58 per lb. \n \nThe 41 lbs I am missing would be $228.78. That being said, this is for ½ of a beef. If they did this on the other ½ this would be $457.56. \n \nThe rancher told me he took 5 head of steers to Saxx on the 9th of December. If they skim $457.56 off of each one that is $2287.80. \n \nThe public need to know about Saxx Custom Cutting because most people probably dont know they are being robbed. \n \nI have purchased many beef halves over the years and the have all averaged 60% or better. Is the meat missing or was it ever even there? I hope they are not lying about carcass weight. I dont think so because it was on my invoice at 150 lbs. not 109 lbs. of ground beef. \n \nThis makes my beef cost $6.90 a lb. rather than $5.58, big difference. \n \nAt this rate over the course of a year that is a large theft that is hard to detect and Saxx Custom Cutting is doing it. \n \nI contacted Saxx and the fat lady got very nasty, saying bad things about the rancher and that my scales are wrong. I talked with the Adams County Sheriff and they know about the problem saying it would be a civil matter that is hard to prove and Saxx knows that. At best they feel in court I would get about half of the 41 lbs. back and it is probably not worth. That's if I could prove it to be true. This isn't Saxx first Rodeo nor their last. Look at the reviews”

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